Destiny’s Fate

by Nelson Martinez
          Bungie is on the map once more since going dark after Halo: Reach. Bungie fans were disappointed when they discovered that Bungie was handing over the Halo torch but promptly forgot about dear old dad when our new girlfriend, 343, nursed us with Halo 4. Needless to say Bungie became a fond memory to look back on and smile and reminisce about the good times when we system linked with our friends back in the good old days.
          But then, like a new sun breaking over the horizon, our “Destiny” was revealed. But when I first saw the trailer, the first thing I thought was, “Wait, this is exceptionally familiar. Looks like Halo, sounds like Halo, and it tastes like Halo. Halo 5? No, this doesn’t have that 343 feeling. This is nostalgic. There is this feeling in my gut, something big is coming,” and I kept watching. I was hypnotized by the music once more and I was flabbergasted by the visuals. This is going to be awesome!
destiny 2
          I fell in love with the story. Humans pushed to the brink of extinction by an outside force. Very Bungie. But there is something rustic and old about the scenery. My first thought was that it looked like Halo and Skyrim had a baby. Which is not a bad thing. But what can we expect from our good old daddy Bungie?
          We can be sure that the FPS aspect will be spot on. The controls will be flawless and the feeling will be like riding a bike again. I’m not worried in that department what so ever. This is going to be an FPSMMORPG so are we going to have a leveling system? I can say with confidence that I believe that this is so. I expect our character to start off as a low lever “Hero” and we have to work our way up to the top. Bungie says that this game is going to have a 10 year life span and that is a stretch. The only thing that comes remotely close is WoW and there are many factors that have contributed to that which Bungie should follow suit.
          If this game has any chance of that prolonged success there needs to be that full level of customization, multiple classes, raids, and an extensive lists of gear that you can find on quests and gear that you can make yourself. It needs to have that whole social feel that WoW has.
          From their Vidoc that they released to showed someone on their computer and smart phone customizing their gear and chatting with friends about some missions. This is a great step in the right direction for Bungie. That immersion is what gamers are really looking for in a game. But will Microsoft really be up for expansions and constant updates?
destiny 3
          Microsoft is really iffy on the MMO scene and updates and massive expansions are a part of that package. Sending that much data to millions of players every few months is not cheap in the slightest. So a big question is will Destiny be free to play or will you have to pay a subscription to further the game? There is a great chance of that. Keeping servers running isn’t cheap my fellow gamers but that should not stop you from trying this game out if there is a subscription fee.
          This game is going to be huge and it’s going to be a must-have when it’s released. It’s going to be epic and an extreme experience.
Ironically, it’s greatest competition will probably be Halo 5. It’s going to be Father vs Son, Anakin vs Luke, and some other cliche battle that I can’t think of. So what will I be playing at that time? Well, since you asked, I won’t be making this hard decision because I will be buying both of them.
Aces out
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